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Pope apologises for demanding ‘proof’ from priest sex abuse victims

© Vincenzo Pinto, AFP | Pope Francis Text by NEWS WIRES Latest update : 2018-01-22 Pope Francis apologized for insisting that victims of pedophile priests show “proof” to be believed, saying he realized it was a “slap in the face” to victims that he never intended. But he doubled down on defending a Chilean bishop accused […]


4 New Brunswick priests caught in sexual abuse allegations

New lawsuits filed in past three months against high-profile priests in Shediac, Bathurst, Edmundston CBC News 07 October 2016 Gabrielle Fahmy · Reporter · Rev. Paul Breau was chaplain at the University of Moncton for almost a decade. (Radio-Canada) In the latest series of pedophilia scandals plaguing New Brunswick’s Catholic churches, four priests have been accused of sexual assault, including the […]

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Lawyer representing sex abuse victims of New Brunswick Catholic priests believes hundreds more complainants will emerge

“It’s going to be shocking for people,” Talach said Wednesday. “You are talking dozens of victims for each priest. These guys were left in the field operating and abusing for decades.” By KEVIN BISSETTThe Canadian Press Wed., Nov. 15, 2017 FREDERICTON—A lawyer representing dozens of alleged Catholic sex abuse victims in New Brunswick says he expects […]

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Disgraced priest Yvon Arsenault will plead not guilty to new sex charge

Arsenault is already in prison for molesting 9 young boys when he was priest in the 1970s By Gabrielle Fahmy, CBC News Posted: Aug 03, 2017 12:24 PM AT Last Updated: Aug 03, 2017 4:57 PM AT Yvon Arsenault, in a picture from February 2017, before he was incarcerated for molesting 9 boys while serving as a catholic priest. […]

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Ex-Cap-Pelé man says priest sexually abused him

Normand Brun received compensation after being abused by Father Camille Léger CBC News Posted: May 31, 2012 7:17 AM AT Last Updated: May 31, 2012 9:56 AM AT A man who was abused by a Cap-Pelé priest is speaking out after decades of silence. Normand Brun now lives in Vancouver, far from his Cap-Pelé home where he suffered […]

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The churches continual abuse on the children their priests molested years ago

As most of our followers know I was molested within the church but not by a priest but I did report it to the priests that were at my church as it was happening and nothing was done to stop it .  When my wife found out that she was pregnant with a boy all […]


Politicians, elected officials and employers just do not get the risks of hiring convicted sex offenders.

For years now we have been profiling sex offenders with crimes against children on our websites and Facebook groups and pages to bring more awareness to these type of cases in the criminal and civil justice systems . We have spend hundreds of hours contacting the politicians about making the sex offender registry open to […]


Here is an online interactive map of the locations of convicted child molesters in Canada

For a few years now we have created an online database of convicted child molesters so that the general public could access it and protect themselves and their children by knowing who is around them. The issue with our database was its limitations on size and by how people could search for the offenders. We […]


Class action suit against the City of Saint John over former officer molesting over 260 children.

This case is one of the worst in Canada that could’ve been stopped if someone listened to the many complaints that came in.   Everytime this case comes up in the news we get contacted by more victims that come forward to tell their story. Even again today as we posted the news about the […]

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Sex offences against children is the worst crime a person can commit but gets the least amount of time

A message from the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and the creators of the Daily News Groups .  In this day and age you would think a sex offence against a child would get the offender a lot of time in jail but in most cases there is a plea deal made where the offender […]