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Toronto Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying two men wanted in connection with an assault and sexual assault investigation.

Suspects in a sexual assault and assault at College subway station on July 21 On Friday, July 21, 2017 just after midnight, a couple entered College subway station where they encountered four men. One of them sexually assaulted the 25-year-old woman and when the woman’s boyfriend stepped in, he was assaulted by one of the […]


Edmonton man who posed as priest re-arrested after more victims come forward

WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton man facing child exploitation charges has been taken into custody again. As Julia Wong reports, Justin Coulombe now faces new charges and some fear there may be more victims. – A A + Listen A 33-year-old man arrested for child exploitation earlier this week is facing new charges after two more victims came forward, […]


Politicians, elected officials and employers just do not get the risks of hiring convicted sex offenders.

For years now we have been profiling sex offenders with crimes against children on our websites and Facebook groups and pages to bring more awareness to these type of cases in the criminal and civil justice systems . We have spend hundreds of hours contacting the politicians about making the sex offender registry open to […]

Convicted Child Molester Database

Our web servers need upgrading to support the amount information we are providing the public.

  Over the past few years we have been using the same web format for all our websites and after about a year the websites can not handle the amount of information saved in its database and crash the website . This issue has cost us hundreds of volunteer hours to reprogram the information we […]


When will the crown prosecutor’s stop making plea deals in sex abuse cases against minors?

We have been pushing for tougher laws against sex offenders with offences against minors and for tougher conditions upon their release, but time and time again we read about the crown prosecutors and the defence making plea deals with sentencing and conditions way below the minimum sentencing . Todays headlines have been the most appalling […]


Creating a network of communities to protect the children that live within them

The Sexual Abuse Network of Canada is an advocacy group made up of victims of child sexual abuse and advocates wanting real changes to both the sentencing of the sex offenders but further restrictions upon the release of any repeat sex offender that also includes the offender’s name  publicized upon their release and every time […]