We encourage people to keep sending in the names of the child molesters and the newspaper articles or court papers to verify the charges. Submissions can be sent to submit@sanc.ca

Please check in often as the list keeps growing with all the names that you have provided. Thank again everyone

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  • a thought by Debbie Cope

    Why is Leroy Potts not on the sex offender list?
    His crime was committed on P.E.I., and now he lives in London, Ont.
    He sexually assaulted a 9 yr old girl, and nearly beat her to death,
    This happened in 1995, she is my daughter, and his niece.


    • a thought by Stacey Cudmore

      Debbie you have to submit the info yourself. They will publish it once they receive all the information you provide.


  • a thought by chad thorne

    6avid Phelan, from st johns newfoundland, lives on lester street, works with service canada. Wife is victoris bristow phelan, abused me sexuallly from age 6 to 12. He also abusedd 5 others we know of, he is my momds brother


  • a thought by Chris Paisley

    Why isnt Garth Stanwyn Bent registered on your prophiles as a child molester. He was found guilty on at least four counts of child abuse. Could you please add him to this list of child molesters. Thank you.
    Concerned citizen.


  • a thought by Synthia

    There is an older man that hangs out at Dundas and William ; he constantly hangs at the bus stop asking for smokes ; he is ALWAYS creeping on the kids who go to school in that area ; talking to them ; trying to get them to hug him etc… He started talking to me when he THOUGHT I was a high-school student (I look young and had a school bag despite being in my 20s) he started hugging me and kissing me on the cheek randomly… He was complimenting me and calling me beautiful and at first to me seemed just a little slow ; until he TOLD me he was arrested for child porn… He CLAIMED he ONLY had child porn because he was molested as a child and was trying to find photos of HIMSELF . This guy is a creep. The kids are not safe and the cops need to do something about this guy. He disgusts me


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