Starting today we will be posting every article we can find that highlights child sexual abuse within N.B in the Catholic church . Why are we going to do this you ask , since 2010 we have been contacted thousands of times throughout Canada about priests that have molested a child or inappropriate behavior with a child  and everytime we contact the church we get the same run around that  the victims face. Throughout the years we have referred victims to the police first to document their abuse then to a mental health professional then we connect them with a civil lawyer so that they can be compensated for the professional services that they will need to deal with the trauma of their past .

We tried something new a few months ago and reached out directly to the Archbishop in Moncton N.B and laid out a system of reporting/investigating and compensating the victims of child molesting priests . This process would ease the stress on the victims by providing them a safe comfortable environment to disclose what happened to them and provide them aftercare while the negotiations take place in their case. This process would remove at least 50% of the legal costs associated with settlement agreements and provide the victims with a payment monthly over a long period of time   giving them some kind of financial stability over a lifetime and making it easier on the church to pay small installments instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars for each time we have to take them to civil court.

After reading the cbc story and the church is blaming the victims hometown for their loss of wages and not the PTSD they suffer with daily because of the priests and to go after their lawyer by trying to make him look publicly is sickening and is where we draw the line. We have personally spoken to Mr. Talach many times about child sexual abuse cases across this country that we have spoken out about publicly and there is no one with more compassion and understanding for sexual abuse victims then Mr. Talach and his team of professional there to support the victims.

We spoke out about the  reconciliation back in 2012  when it was announced and said that there were going to be a lot of issues with it and that they are not going to get many of the victims to come forward and that years down the road there would be more civil lawsuits if they did not change how they handled these cases . As history shows they do not want to change their process and continue to put the victims through a long and painful process so were going to use this page as a reminder to the archbishop on just how big the problem is here in N.B .

Lastly if you or anyone you know was abused within the church and you would like us to know confidentially please email our director directly at and let us help .

Because this problem is so large we have created a website and Facebook page dedicated to profiling these priests in NB and those who helped to cover up their crimes.

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