Sexual Abuse Network of Canada  is a network of child sexual abuse survivors  that are here to help victims that were  sexually abused as children and we specializing in historical cases . Now most of abuse victims do not tell anyone until they are well into adulthood and never spoke out on what happened to them. When a victim finally gets  up the courage to call the police and make a complaint the process after is very complex and most often the victims get overwhelmed.

Our mission is two fold, we first and foremost are here for the victims and to connect them with any professional help they may need during and after their trial. Many times victims can not cope and turn to drugs and alcohol to block out the pain of the trauma that they went through and always thinking “is this bastard doing this to another kid because i never spoke up years ago?”

If you or anyone that you know has been a victim of sexual abuse and dont know where to turn please email us 24/7 and someone will contact you shortly .


  • a thought by Catherine

    Who do I contact with info regarding an abuser in newfoundland. He has already been convicted, served 14 months of a 22 year sentence. This piece of crap is my sons abuser and I want his name added to this database. H
    I will send more info when I get a contact and email address.


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