The churches continual abuse on the children their priests molested years ago

As most of our followers know I was molested within the church but not by a priest but I did report it to the priests that were at my church as it was happening and nothing was done to stop it .  When my wife found out that she was pregnant with a boy all the memories and anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew I had to do something about it . The first thing I did was go to the church and the knight of columbus and asked why no one did anything about me being abused as a child and why no one even logged my complaint . Right away the Knights removed my abuser and apologized for his actions but the church told me that they can not turn a sinner away, my request was that he would not be allowed to attend the 1130 sunday “family mass” because he has no children and no good reason to be there .  With the denial of my simple request started my now 8 year journey fighting for justice for children that were molested and profiling the offenders and who helped cover up their actions.

Many times over the past 8 years we have profiled child molesting priests and anyone that knew about what they were doing and allowed it to continue and in some cases helped them cover it up. We have spoken to hundreds of abuse victims at the hand of catholic church priests all over the maritimes   and in all the cases the church denies any knowledge of what was going on even after mounds of proof has been provided .

I spent hours on the phone recently with the archbishop discussing the problems with the ir reconciliation program they had back in 2012 and why most victims did not come forward then. We explained that any reconciliation would have to focus on the victim and not the church and we thought our message was being received until we read the news article from Moncton N.B where the church is blaming the victims lifestyles  and the state of the province on why they should not be compensated for loss of wages and medical expenses   .

Apparently the church still does not understand that we the country believe the victims and that the church is only harming themselves by denying this happened and they knew nothing about it . They should learn from the boy scouts  of Canada and just open their books ” secret files ” and name all the pedophile priests that have been reported to them over the years and remove any of them that are still working within the church.

Some victims that have already PROVEN their cases over 5 years ago are still waiting for their compensation and the lawyers that represented them would like to get paid as well.

By blaming the victims for the abuse, denying knowing about it when its been clearly proven that the church was aware of  this happening and chose to ignore it to silently shuffle the priest to another parish is just a slap in the face and further abuse to the victims.

As for the cases in Moncton and this archbishop that is overseeing it all below i’m going to post a quote from him in a cbc story back in 2012 that clearly shows he does not get it and as you will read as i just did , he truly believes that it was not a crime back 30-40 years ago to molest a child . WTF this guy is running a reconciliation process and does not even think its criminal.

The archbishop said it was a different culture back then, and these things weren’t talked about.

“We were in a culture where everything was hidden,” Vienneau said. “Nowadays everything is open.”

“Sometimes we judge those 30, 40 years with the eyes of today,” he said. “That is very difficult too. Because in those days a lot of that was not seen as crime.

“It was seen as sin. Today we see it as a sin, but we also see it as a crime.”


  • a thought by Ruth

    Omg that is so disgusting! I guess the heads of the church don’t read the bible, it’s says in Luke, it would be better for him to tie a stone around his neck and be thrown in the sea, for bringing harm to these little ones! The God they say they’re serving is pretty serious about harming children! Shame, shame, shame!


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