I’m ashamed to be a catholic and it’s time to speak out .

My name is Dave Mantin and I am the director of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and have made my day to day mission to be 1. a great father to my children and 2. try and change the justice system and civil system on how they deal with sexual abused victims throughout their case . We push for the sex offender database to be open to the public so they will be able to log in and see who is near their children, and push for tougher sentencing and conditions on the offenders that commit such heinous crimes on the most vulnerable .

In 2010 my wife and I found out we were going to have a son and I was overwhelmed with feelings of both excitement of having child and  the extreme panic kicked in knowing what had happened to me and others growing up and nothing was done about it and I moved away when i was old enough to run from the constant abuse   . I first reached out to my local church when I moved back to my hometown and spoke to the monseigneur about being abused by the leader of the junior knights of columbus and that i had reached out to the priest back then but the abuse never stopped . I asked if the man that molested me was still involved with the church and the knights and he had told  he was and that the church can not turn away a sinner . I said Father I was not asking you to turn away a sinner, i asked that you do not allow him to come to the family mass on sunday at 11:30 where all the children attend and are only supervised by older children in the basement during mass and is also where the public washrooms are .  I called the Knights head office in the states and within hours they had someone on the plane to take my statement and to boot his ass out of the knights immediately.  I went to the Bishop in  Saint John several times and they would never speak to me about what happened to me and just keep referring me to a priest that was a buffer from the victims and anyone that knows whats going on . I got super frustrated by the way I was treated and started gathering information on other abuse cases in N.B through the church and each time we spoke to the victims they gave us the same official run around story that has happened to me so we started referring the victims to the civil lawyers to get the church’s attention that its time to come clean and admit to what took place and work with the victims of child sexual abuse by the hands of the priests .

Here we are in 2018 and after about 200 civil cases in N.B against the church I reached out to the  archbishop in Moncton and thought we were making a difference and getting through to him about making the victims come first in any reconciliation or settlement agreements and be sincere when you say you are sorry for what happened to the victims.
We spent hours on the phone discussing how the church should deal with these cases from the day someone reports it to the end resolution in the case making it easier for all parties and to show the congregation that the  church is accepting their wrongs and working to ensure it will never happen again with plenty of checks and balances in place .

I reached out to many lawyers we deal with and other professionals in the field updating them on the hopeful conversations we were having with the archbishop and thought NB was going to be the model the church could use to negotiate between the Catholic church and  their victims but then we see the news .

From CBC

Blame tough lives of priests’ victims on economy, not abuse, says church

Archdiocese says lawsuits over sexual assaults are ‘unreasonable’ and it should not have to pay compensation


Really Most Reverend Valéry Vienneau you are going to allow your lawyers to go to the media and blame the victims, after all we spoke about and the flaws in how you operate when it comes to these cases .  You ask why we always refer any victims that come forward to us to go to the police then call one of the lawyers from the list that have dedicated their lives to make changes in how the system handles sexual abuse victims . We came to you with a much better way to deal with these cases and save face for the church for the years of coverups but you want to continue with the lies and victim blaming and you wonder why victims stopped turning to god and the church for help.

Your ignorance is why the Catholic church is in the state it is in now in N.B and just like N.S it will  bankrupt most of your churches before you accept reality .

From today on we are going to highlight a child molesting priest and who was in command when he was molesting children each and every day on all our news groups as well as our Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and the convicted child molester database so that each and everyday citizens of N.B will have a constant reminder of the torture and shame the church and its priests  placed on thousands of sexually abused children .

We encourage all victims of sexual abuse by the hands of a priest reach out and tell your story, don’t let them shame you into silence . Anyone that has already had a priest convicted of molesting you when you  were a child please come forward to us and we will assist you in removing the publicity ban from your case so that you can tell your story to the public and we feel that the more the abuse is in the open the faster the church has to deal with its decades of cover ups and reconcile with the victims and the congregation of the church the offences took place in .

Dave Mantin




  • a thought by admin


    Distraction and Denial by Church Continues

    The legal system in the majority of the free world has been successfully based on the adversarial system which assumes that when each side to a matter is well represented and their views properly articulated, truth and fairness will prevail. The Archdiocese, which is of course a component of the Roman Catholic Church, believes in a different system. They believe that a single benevolent leader can find justice on their own. That is the model of the Archdiocese and the model of the Vatican. It is also the model of their Conciliation process.

    History has firmly demonstrated that such a model does not always deliver fairness. Most democratic nations have long since abandoned justice systems which involve personally placing your petition at the feet of the King or Queen. It is frankly medieval and outdated.

    The Conciliation process assumed that an individual who was abused by an element of the Church when they were young, will be able to trust and communicate effectively to someone hired by that same Church. In effect lay out their petition on their own as in days of old.

    No matter how great the person receiving that information may be it is difficult for a victim to be effective in advocating for themselves in such a setting. It involves them having to disclose the greatest trauma in their life and to a certain extent, relive those horrific memories of rape, sodomy and abuse. Most importantly the victims are expected to do that with no professional legal support of their own (Bastarache could not in law be looking out for the victim’s best interest and also advising the Archdiocese on how much to pay). The victims would also have little appreciation of what is important for the process to learn about their lives in order to accurately assess compensation.

    The reference to the “Dragon” in my earlier CBC interview was to that difficult situation of a victim confronting their memories and advocating for themselves. It was never with respect to former Justice Bastarache or any particular individual or entity. CBC audio-recorded the interview and can confirm that. The lack of a “shield or a sword” was a reference to not being allowed legal assistance of their own.

    The only reasons I can see for the Archdiocese of Moncton to deny victims legal representation within the Conciliation Process was to either save money in not having to pay for the lawyers or to save money in having victims less effective in their petitions for compensation. It seems that money is at the centre of the matter. When in excess of 100 lives have been significantly impacted by abusive priests there is of course going to be a substantial price-tag involved. The Archdiocese should not be trying to deny victims legal representation or villainize that legal representation. Myself and the other lawyers involved have spent a considerable portion of our careers advocating for victims, seeking pro-active changes and educating institutions and the general public on the issue of sexual abuse. The lawyers are not the problem.

    In fact lawyers for the victims have agreed, pursuant to the Archdiocese request, to stall all the lawsuits for what has been years now while the Archdiocese attempts to deal with their insurance problems. A number of settlements were made on assurances of the Archdiocese that the insurance problem would have been resolved over a year ago. Both the victims and the lawyers involved in those “settlements” have stood unpaid for years now. To be completely accurate the Archdiocese was able to offer a mere $1000 advance to each of the settled victims. By contrast the office of Beckett Personal Injury Lawyers, including Mr. Robert Talach and all his staff have not received a single dollar in payment from any Archdiocese of Moncton lawsuit for the past three years.

    As for “inordinate demands” by victim’s lawyers it should be recognized that New Brunswick offers some of the lowest compensation for victims of sexual abuse in all of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada long ago stated that there should be similar compensation across the land and the victims’ lawyers have insisted on the same. Yet in every case the victim has the final say on whether they settle or not. Many victims are rightly not prepared to accept a hundred thousand or two for the years of sodomy and rape they suffered at the hands of a priest when they were mere children. Would you?

    To make the lawyers the problem is a classic distraction. The problem here is an institution which is essentially unchanged from when all this abuse occurred. The Roman Catholic Church, including the Archdiocese of Moncton continues to utilize an allegedly celibate male priesthood. It continues to treat matters of sexuality with an unhealthy level of taboo and secrecy. Most importantly it has made few substantive and meaningful changes to combat the globally demonstrated prevalence of sexual misconduct within its ranks. All this creates an unsafe environment and allows for the continuation of the problem of clergy sexual abuse.

    That is the problem, not a few unpaid professionals doing their best to represent the best interests of a vulnerable group of victims whom the Church already failed when they were children. We lawyers for the victims will make sure that the Church doesn’t fail them a second time.


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