Convicted sex offender database hardware upgrades going ahead.



Last year we had a sever pc donated to us and we moved our massive internal and  external sex offender databases to the new to us machine but after a few months of operation it blew one of the 2 power supplies it had . When we looked into replacing the broken power supply a used one was over 500 dollars. When we called around we found a computer store that was willing to build us a new server for the same price as the replacement used power supply .

After calling around to get a donation drive going to raise enough to get it fixed someone stepped forward to pick up the full cost of the new server . For now the name of the donor will stay private unless they instruct is otherwise and we thank them for getting us back up and running.

As for the Database and the other services we had running on the old one it will be a few weeks to get it all back online and running, we will be posting updates to the website as well as the Facebook pages as they happen.

We do have a few more things we have to cover this year so please if you can spare it go to our donate page and give what you can . E-Transfers have no service fees to use and 100% of your donation goes to help out . 

We would also like to thank the hundreds of volunteers that help us gather information or help us share it after it gets verified .



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    The server was brought in tonight and is in the middle of getting set up, Thank you all from behind the scenes to make it all happen .


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