Politicians, elected officials and employers just do not get the risks of hiring convicted sex offenders.

For years now we have been profiling sex offenders with crimes against children on our websites and Facebook groups and pages to bring more awareness to these type of cases in the criminal and civil justice systems . We have spend hundreds of hours contacting the politicians about making the sex offender registry open to the general public so that all citizens can protect themselves and their children to know who is living near them

Over the years and being involved in hundreds of cases of child sexual abuse and dealing with hundreds of victims we have learned no one has really learned anything yet from all these cases coming forward. We know that high risk offenders are slipping through the system by 90% of them making plea deals and getting low sentencing with less restrictions upon release to save the courts time and money. Now many people in the crown’s office will say they do it to make it easier for the victim but many victims we spoken to and including myself would of like to speak or I should say we NEEDED to tell our story to vindicate ourselves .

Now the reason I wrote this today is this, we spend many hours calling companies that employ convicted sex offenders that gains them access to the public without warning them first. I will give you a few examples, in one case we had a garbage man that picked up the garbage from the end of everyone’s driveway, now we were called because a ladies children used to meet him at the end of the yard every garbage day to say hello . So here is the argument the employer and police officials state that he will never be alone with a child so there is no danger to the child………..  Here is my side and as a victim of child sexual abuse i see things much different, these children learn that this guy is the ” garbage man ” and know him by name …… here is my objection and the reason he was fired what if the children in question see him driving by the school bus stop in a car and says get in mom said to drive you to school/home .  We have assisted so many parents living in situations just like this one but here is the one that pissed me off the most .

I was molested by a guy connected within the church and the knights of columbus and since I reported it in 2010 we have been notified my offender was serving meals to low income families at another church and no longer a catholic church so he dropped off the radar. I brought it up to the church and bitched about it to my mayor and the MLA’S and MP’S about it as they all knew my story from  when we started the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and they were all contacted about the work we do and the bills we would like brought into legislation .  Recently I had seen a photo at a charity event with both the mayor and the MP and my abuser at a cookout where again children are there and instead of seeing the ” garbage man ” they now see the cook . When I contacted the organization they assured me that they did not know who he was or what he had done years ago ……… Well if the mayor and the MP know who he is and i lost my shit the last time they were in a photo op together it makes me believe there is more going on that we do not know about .  Why would they not warn this organization on who was cooking that day.  Officials got to realize the amount of  information that comes to us on a daily basis and you never know who is sending it.

I can tell you all right now if I know someone molested a child and they are near your children EVERYONE is going to hear me right on the spot and police officials would of been notified ( most likely from someone that is watching me lose my shit ) .

We have spent hundreds of hours contacting politicians, city officials and government agencies and have been promised many things with no results, like one Liberal MP’s here in N.B stating publicly they were meeting with us but never did and have failed to even return our calls over the past 10 months since she made that statement .

How can we change a system that still protects the offenders and neglects the victims that come forward? How can changes come with people that are in the position to make change refuse to speak about the subject?

New Brunswick just did a review of all allegations of sex crime cases that were labeled unfounded and victims in N.B thought they might just get justice and vindication but when the review came back not one charge was laid, another fact to note no one that we know in N.B with a open case was contacted and none of their witnesses were recontacted so what did they review??????

We are going to release the names and correspondence  of all officials and politicians that have made empty promises or  helped employ sex offenders that gains them access to the public like the garbage man we spoke of earlier or like the ferry operator that kids are always excited to see as they enter and exit the ferry . It makes no sense and has to stop allowing sex offenders to work in the public and not warn anyone about them expecially in these types of positions where the children get to recognize them and trust them .  And for the elected officials that I have been calling and emailing with no headway and to continue to allow these offenders to work with the public without even warning anyone including the other staff the offender is working with it’s a shame and needs to be highlighted so that next election we can elect officials that put victims rights over the offender’s rights .

If any of our members knows of a sex offender working in the public please contact us with their information and who they are employed with and we will look into it . Please email all information at perps@sanc.ca .

Dave Mantin


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