Our web servers need upgrading to support the amount information we are providing the public.

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Over the past few years we have been using the same web format for all our websites and after about a year the websites can not handle the amount of information saved in its database and crash the website . This issue has cost us hundreds of volunteer hours to reprogram the information we already had online and hinder us to keep up with new cases in the courts.

We have approached a software company out of Switzerland that has a platform that will easily handle all the information we provide now and will never slow us down in the future and will handle all the traffic not only from the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada but the Daily News Groups  as well. We will be able to flawlessly be able to share between websites as well as all social media websites.

With this new web platform we will be able to offer so many other features to help our members of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada communicate with other abuse victims and with the professionals that donate their time to help our members.

The company has offered 1 years website and hosting for free but after speaking with our data entry and news posting teams as well as our website programmers we feel that after we took a month to 6 weeks to get everything transferred over to the new website and the time to get use to using it we will be close to the renewal date and the monthly cost is triple what were paying now for webhosting . There is a second option and its the one most feasible and makes the most sense, we can buy the website software outright for a one time payment of a little over 300.00  Canadian to own it and run it on the servers we already have.

We are asking our members and the general public to help us with this additional cost that is above our monthly budget by donating with the donation link below .

We would like to thank all the volunteers from the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and the Daily News Groups as well as the Convicted Child Molesters Database for making all this possible to insure our children are safe because the communities know who’s living in them ,

Click here to donate   http://sanc.ca/donate/



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