How does the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada help victims of child sexual abuse ?

The Sexual Abuse Network of Canada started 5 years ago by a victim of child sexual abuse that was not only sexually abused by a member of the church staff growing up but he was then abused by the system that is there to protect the victims.  It was hard enough coming forward as a man 20 years later and talking about being sexually abused by a old man just to have the system say your word is not good enough and they fail to investigate the information given to them until more victims came forward and private civil lawsuits settlements were made known to the investigators  .
We then began to grow on social media and in the mainstream media talking about the lack of services  for male victims of child sexual abuse across Canada and we advocated for education for the youth about child molesters and the signs of grooming .  We have also assisted in having convicted child molesters moved due to their proximity of children from their residence .  We used the Facebook page to highlight cases investigators were looking for more information in and was looking for the public’s assistance as well as posting the release of high risk sex offenders .
Over the years we have been contacted by many victims that just wanted to know who they could talk to , what the next step and what to expect from the justice system in their case. We have connected many professionals to the victims that contact us and always find a way to make it free for the victims as they have been through enough.

In 2015 we opened the Daily News Groups on Facebook and Twitter providing local informative news in over 50 cities across Canada. We use these groups to build up memberships so that when we’re working an historical child sexual abuse case we can use the Daily News Group in the area to speak to the community to gather more information to help the victim. We also use the local groups to warn the community when child sex offenders are released or moving into the area.  We also opened our 24/7 support line where members can reach out to other members of the abuse network for peer to peer support when times get hard to deal with.

In 2016 we are pushing a bill into the house of commons that will increase the restrictions on repeat sex offenders upon release from prison as well as to make the national sex offender registry available to the public as promised by 2 governments already since we started this project. We also launched the Child Molester Database where we host a national database of child molesters that the public can access to know who is around their children in the community so that the parents can sit down and warn them about the dangers.  We have reached out to our members last week and volunteers have stepped up to assist with the online research of convicted child molesters to add to our growing national database .

Here is a list of our groups, websites and pages we maintain to help get the word out about child sexual abuse in Canada.  
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Sexual Abuse Network of Canada 
Main website :
On Facebook :

Daily News Groups
Main website :
On Facebook :
Group location map :

Convicted Child Molester Database
Main website :
On Facebook :
Child Molester Map :

 Finally we would like to thank all the admins in the Daily News Groups as well as the volunteers that work behind the scenes to make this all happen and to all the professionals that have stepped forward to help victims of child sexual abuse.  





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