Creating a network of communities to protect the children that live within them

The Sexual Abuse Network of Canada is an advocacy group made up of victims of child sexual abuse and advocates wanting real changes to both the sentencing of the sex offenders but further restrictions upon the release of any repeat sex offender that also includes the offender’s name  publicized upon their release and every time they move.  Please read the news article for more information or follow us on Twitter  and Facebook .


We also created the Daily News Groups across Canada on Facebook with over 50 localized groups with daily local news posted throughout the day. We allow local business to advertise during the weekends as well and local charity groups post their fundraisers .
On any given day you will get your normal news but when were investigating an historical sexual abuse case we can use these local Facebook news groups to get the information to those that may be able to help verify the information provided to us .
Please take a minute and join your local and provincial Facebook news groups below from our location map for localized news and updates from the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada when a convicted sex offender is released into your community .



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