Here is an online interactive map of the locations of convicted child molesters in Canada


For a few years now we have created an online database of convicted child molesters so that the general public could access it and protect themselves and their children by knowing who is around them. The issue with our database was its limitations on size and by how people could search for the offenders.
We have created a whole new website that will allow you to search by the sex offenders name, city or province or you can now use our interactive map and zoom in on any location and see if there are any child molesters living there that we may have listed.

By next week our whole list of convicted child molesters will be added to the new site and connected to the map to make it so much easier to search, if you know of a convicted child molester and they are not on the list please hit the need help on the left hand side of any page and let us know about the offender.

Lastly were always looking for volunteers to help with the data collection and entry as well as any financial contributions to the group effort   would greatly be appreciated .

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To volunteer please hit the need help tab on the left hand side of the page


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