Class action suit against the City of Saint John over former officer molesting over 260 children.

This case is one of the worst in Canada that could’ve been stopped if someone listened to the many complaints that came in.


Everytime this case comes up in the news we get contacted by more victims that come forward to tell their story. Even again today as we posted the news about the trial we were contacted by more victims looking for answers .

As this trial unfolds the court is going to hear not just the the despicable offences  he did to these children and the neglect by the system to help those that came forward as it was happening . Victims were threatened if they told that all kinds of thing would happen or they were just completely ignored .

We hope that when this trial is over that 1 the victims feel vindicated and that some kinda justice was served and 2 that anyone shown to be covering this up will be held accountable for their actions .

We are working with members of parliament to create tougher laws against these types of crimes and pose a tighter set of restrictions  when an offender is released .

As always we are rallying to create a new law that holds people accountable criminally if they know about child sexual abuse and does nothing to stop it or helps to cover up the offenders actions.

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