James Sarsfield, 34, of Barrie pleaded guilty to sexual assault with a weapon and three counts of sexual interference of a person less than 14 years of age

Let us pray that he gets a very long time in Prison
February 24, 2016 Huntsville Forester By: Roland Cilliers
Warning: Content in this story could be disturbing to some readers.
MUSKOKA – A search for a little girl in a widely distributed piece of child pornography led police to Muskoka.
James Sarsfield, 34, of Barrie pleaded guilty to sexual assault with a weapon and three counts of sexual interference of a person less than 14 years of age in a Muskoka courthouse on Feb. 22. The proceedings included graphic descriptions of sex acts involving three Muskoka girls all younger than 5 years old, the judge viewing multiple videos of child pornography including some made by the accused himself, and a breakdown of the international effort by law enforcement to locate Sarsfield’s victims. Over the course of the afternoon, the court heard that in 2012 Sarsfield had produced and distributed through the Internet numerous videos wherein he sexually assaulted three female Muskoka children. “I saw things in this collection that I have never seen before in six years.” – Melanie Power
Melanie Power, a detective with the OPP and the lead investigator on the case, told the court that a particular image of one of the Muskoka victims is so widely distributed in the online pedophile community that she has seen it in the child porn collections of the last five offenders whose cases she was involved with. “Those are out there, they will always be out there. We can never get them back, and the fact that I can hear her name in one video means other people can hear her name. They know what she looked like and they know her name and in my opinion that furthers the victimization for her. We’ll never eradicate those off the Internet,” said Power. The correct identification of Sarsfield and his victims involved hundreds of police officers across Ontario. Identifying features from the child porn posted to the Internet contained details of one of the victims. That led police to search schools across the province until they positively identified her in Muskoka. The discovery of the one victim resulted in the identity of two others being revealed shortly after. Sarsfield was arrested in June of 2015. His basement apartment in Barrie was searched and computers were seized. His current address was provided through the Ontario Disability Support Program. Sarsfield was found to be in possession of 243 videos and 577 images that police labelled as child pornography. The judge was shown a number of the videos and images. Power said she had been involved with child exploitation cases for six years and Sarsfield’s was notable. “This collection is the most intrusive collection I have ever categorized. I saw things in this collection that I have never seen before in six years,” said Power. She later provided an example of something that stood out. “There’s a medical textbook I had never seen before, and it’s of deceased children who have been sexually abused and there’s pictures of the deceased children. I found that disturbing,” said Power. Sarsfield will be sentenced in the Bracebridge courthouse on April 14, 2016. The sentencing range for a single charge of sexual assault with a weapon against someone less than 16 years of age is between five years and life. Sarsfield is currently in police custody where he has been since his arrest in June 2015.

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Sara Fitzpatrick
Sara Fitzpatrick Hope his cell mates teach him one hell of a lesson, every single day.

Anonymous Hamilton Ontario
Anonymous Hamilton Ontario We wish we could teleport into where they keep these ‘people’. We assure you that it would not be a pretty site.

Katheryn Manion
Katheryn Manion Rot in hell you POS!!! Waste of skin you are. How any human could do that to a young children let alone tape it to share is disgusting!!!!

Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart Yes, hope he rots in hell

Shani Thompson Doherty
Shani Thompson Doherty We need the death penalty here! The justice system here better ensure he never gets out!

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Aaron Glue Liersch
Aaron Glue Liersch Committing a crime is what jail or prison is for. Most times other inmates leave you be. When they find out that you are in doing time because you harmed a child…..

Ashley Park
Ashley Park He will be delt with in prison….hopefully he won’t survive it

Cristie Geroux
Cristie Geroux In this case and in all of these cases, I pray for street justice… Seeing that our justice system fails every time!!! POS like this, deserve the death penalty…. A slow, painful public death!!! Show every victim and perp…. These acts will NOT be tolerated

Dave Mantin
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