• a thought by Andrew

    People need to be aware that this firm has handled this suit is not in the best interest of the victims. How can they make a decision to settled with out asking the people involved who are victims about this settlement. The way its set up is in three tiers the highest amount you will get is forty five thousand dollars and thats only if you have been sexualy abused. Its makes me ill to see how they could except twelve million dollars out of two hundred million dollars especially when the trial was this month. I’ll tell you why because they feel it’s okay to make decisions with out asking the victims. Don’t you worry because they get 17.5% of that twelve million dollars they fought so hard for. Remember they are supposed to look out for the best interest of the client. I’m sorry I don’t see that. I also found out years ago they represented a psychiatric facility out of Quebec and what did those people get for a life time of abuse. Yep that’s right forty five thousand dollars sounds familiar doesn’t it. I guess that the amount for people who suffered when they were children. The other thing that you should be aware of is the Crown ward lawsuit. I don’t understand this at all. They filed this suit for the people who were victims of abuse while in the care of the government Crown Ward. I thought that this lawsuit was for abuse. So you can imagine my surprise when the suit was to do with some sort of victims compensation again you would have to qualify the maximum pay out is thirty seven hundred dollars. What a bunch of #×+@#*@, s. I spoke to a lawyer from Tobin law a firm out of Toronto come to find the lawyer who I spoke to actually changed the law on victims compensation through the government. She was able to remove the time variance so their where no more time limitation on applying for this fund and that law was changed way before this lawsuit was in place. So why would this firm do this. Would you rather recieve 3700. By applying from this firm or would you rather receive thirty thousand dollars from victims compensation board.
    But again this firm started this suit in the amount of one hundred million dollars only to settle around that magic number ten to twelve million I guess its a special number that’s why when they settle lawsuits its around this number. But they seem to forget yes the victims. I strongly recommend not excepting one penny from this firm and go out on your own a file against the ontario government because honestly this is a slap in these people faces who suffered I know because I am one you. These people think they are doing us a favor. No they are not they make you like your not worth it. But you are and so much more tell this firm to stick the money well you know were. Remember don’t settle for anything less because everyone of you are worth so much more and this firm obviously does not see that.
    Good luck and God bless


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