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Sexual Abuse Network of Canada
Advocates for sexually abused children
Our services for the past 5 years have been covered by our own personal contributions and have done great so far. With all media exposure we have getting convicted child molesters moved from residences or other housing that is to close to children or the disabled and the hundreds that came forward against the catholic church in Nova Scotia we have given so many victims the strength to come forward and has stretched our resources as far as they can go with many more looking for help to get justice against their abusers
Daily News Groups was designed to assist in getting the message out about the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and to be able to localize any warning we may have to release about a sex offender in the area . There are 49 Daily News groups across Canada now to reach as many members of the public so that sex offenders have less of a comfort zone to commit their crimes.
The publicly accessible Sex Offender Database is also ran by the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada where we profile Canada’s convicted child sex offenders so that the communities where they are released know who they are and can take proactive steps to keep their children safe.
Communities and towns that contact us to assist in getting a sex offenders moved when legal obstacles keep them from relocating them we unleash a group of professionals from investigators to lawyers and real estate agents to see what avenues are available and this takes time and money.
Were asking the public to dig deep and help the victims of sexual abuse get the services they need, keep the convicted child molesters in the public eye while we keep the pressure on the provincial and federal governments to start protecting the victims rights and not the abusers.
Thank you all that has helped out behind the scenes and to all that click the donate page.


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