‘High risk offender’ to live in downtown Sudbury | Sudbury Star


Keith Roger Robinson, 53

A man previously jailed for sexually abusing young boys will be supervised by a federal parole officer and local police while living in Sudbury.

Greater Sudbury Police said Keith Roger Robinson, 53, referred to as a “high risk offender,” will reside in the downtown area and will be subject to conditions which prevent his access to young people and certain public places, according to a press release.

Robinson’s day-to-day activities will be scrutinized and he must reside at a designated location with limited access to the community at large, police said.

Robinson pleaded guilty in a Hamilton courtroom in 2011 to six sex charges, including sexually assaulting a 10-year-old and sexually exploiting a four-year-old and an eight-year-old, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

Robinson is described as Caucasian, 5-foot-2 and 135 pounds with long grey hair and a full beard.

Police asked the public to report any concerning activity involving Robinson to police at 705-675-9171, ext. 6397. This would include observing Robinson in the immediate company of young people or near any schools, parks, playgrounds, community centres, pools or daycare facilities.

“GSPS assures the community that public safety is a priority in this case. Our members, in co-operation with our partners at the local parole office, are taking the necessary steps to ascertain Mr. Robinson’s seamless reintegration.”


Source: ‘High risk offender’ to live in downtown Sudbury | Sudbury Star


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