Five years today we started the Sexual Abuse network of Canada and help hundreds of victims.

When we started 5 years ago we wanted to show the lack of support for male sexual abuse victims in Canada and to create a protected group where victims feel safe talking to other victims and to cope with what had happened to them.

In our study on the availability of help for male sexual abuse victims and the walls the victims create to hide the truth of what had happened to them not  to protect the pedophile but the shame we feel as men. As we started to educate the public on the rights of the victims and the rights of the pedophiles when they finish their sentencing for their offences. We learned quickly how many pedophiles are just walking around in Canada without anyone really monitoring their activities and many concerned citizens have called and emailed us with a lot of information on what the pedophiles were up to, we had found some working with the public as a contracted workers for the federal government without management even knowing about it ( we had them all removed ) .

In 2014 we opened the only public accessible pedophile database to allow the public to know who is around their children in your own neighborhoods .   This topic has come under fire in the political ring a few times, the pedophiles rights as a human vs the public safety for the children and they have not been able to come to a decision so we created our own database because our children safety should be the main priority.

When we started a gentleman donated an older minivan so that we could go from community to community educating the public on our rights as parents against the pedophiles in the city and on a few occasions made pedophiles move due to their close proximity of children to their residence.  Well I am sorry to say the old van died yesterday and can not be repaired. Anyone that has met me when were in the community could tell you how many miles and how many driveways it went in and out of to pass out flyers in the rain and snow and it never got stuck or stranded us while out of town .

Because we do not take any government funding so that we can point out all parties that protect a pedophile, not do their job investigating or prosecuting cases of child sexual abuse we work with a very small and tight budget that just keeps the day to day operations and no way we can afford to buy another used van that is vital to the work we do in the communities .

We have added a donation page in hopes that our supporters could dig deep and help us get another old van to get our volunteers out to deliver flyers and help the victims of child sexual abuse get the help they so desperately need.

Thank you all for your support protecting children from these child sexual predators


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