Sexual Abuse Network of Canada turns to the public for help

This week we will be working on a case that was sent to us that we have many problems with, so we are turning to the public to ask for more information.
As this case develops we will include more information on where and how but for now here is what we can tell the public so far. We are investigating child sexual abuse on the Canadian armed forces bases involving military dependents not members prior to 1998 when the military laws changed making these cases a civilian matter to investigate .
In the information we have collected so far there have been many cases of child sexual abuse and domestic abuse kept ” in house ” where no criminal charges were laid and no criminal records of the abuse. With the hundreds of pages of documentation that has been collected so far from police agencies and child protective services throughout Canada we have found issues with altered paperwork to filing false statements .
We are asking the Canadian public and retired serviceman to think back to those years and please come forward with any information that you know about child sexual abuse on dependents living on the base.These kids may not of be your children that the abuse happened to but they were only children and someone should of stood up for them.
Please send any information that you may have to


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