Flyers hand delivered last night.

Due to information forwarded to us, we have had delivered hundreds of flyers throughout the night in a Saint John N.B neighbourhood warning residents about a peodphile, becuase he has not gone through criminal court yet. We also can not disclose the mans name.

What we can do is ask the families that we delivered the flyers to, just talk to your children. Also on the flyer we list signs of childmolesters and signs to look for in a abused child.

We have been told that children from the neighbourhood has been seen coming in and out of this mans house and it concerned us enough to step in and educate the public on what to look for.

This mans preference is 11 – 14 year old boys

If anyone that recieved a flier has any information about activities on that street please call the police and report it.




Due to legal reasons I can not say who the child molester is on your street by law, BUT I can warn you that there is one.

For immediate release

Contact person:    Dave Mantin

Company name:      Sexual Abuse Network of Canada

Telephone number: 506 609 5725

Email address:

Website address:

Please watch your children on this street .

We are a national group of surviving victims of childhood sexual abuse and we work together to help fellow victims but to also to try and prevent more children from being harmed by educating the public about the signs to look out for.

IF you have any information about child sexual abuse, or even the “rumors” in this neighbourhood please contact us at the number above, or call the Saint John Police .

Before leaving your child in the care of ANYONE else, ask yourself these questions:

—> Does your partner/babysitter:

• Expect your child to do things that are not realistic for his/her age?

• Overreact when your child breaks rules or does not follow directions?

• Show anger or impatience when your child cries or throws a tantrum?

• Call your child bad names or say mean things to your child?

• Think it is funny to scare your child?

• Say you are a bad parent and not strict enough?

• Hurt your child or punish them in any way you are not comfortable with or have not agreed to?

• Handle guns and knives around your child?

• Think your child is a bother and gets in the way?

• Drink alcohol in excess or use drugs around your child?

• Have experience of or know how to take good care of a child?

• Have any history of violence or aggressive outbursts?

• Have the maturity required to care for a child?

—> Does your child:

• Seem unhappy or uncomfortable in any way around your partner/babysitter?

• Change demeanour or behaviour around or immediately after being with this person (eg becomes louder/quieter, becomes disruptive/withdrawn, speaks about inappropriate things etc)

• Feel unable to talk to you about a problem (if age appropriate)?

• Have little or no awareness regarding what is acceptable/unacceptable treatment?

If you have answered yes to even one of these questions, your child could be at risk.

Do the right thing, do not allow anyone to watch your child if you are not 100% certain that they will care for your baby as you would. If you are not certain, YOU COULD BE MAKING A DEADLY MISTAKE.


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