10 months ago my phone rang and life changed. I was asked to identify pictures of my best friend, my world, my son. A nightmare that I simply do not possess the words to describe. My son was a victim of snook, my family has been the victim of the investigation that followed.

I was sent home that day with only questions unanswered and assurance that the case has a lot of moving parts and as they are able to provide me with details they will. Several more interviews with my son took place over the next few weeks, none of which I was in the room for. Each interview ended with me asking the same 2 questions:

1. What do you KNOW happened to my son?
2. As investigators what do you THINK happened based on information gathered?

I am still waiting for those answers. I was given kindness yes. Each and every person involved was extremely polite as they tore my family apart. Finally I was told by sjpd that they have said all they are going to say and I was handed the number to the crown attorney. My dealings with the crown were brief and to the point. She refused to discuss my son’s case as she made him promises that if he told his story no one would ever know.

Her parting words for me was that my son has had terrible things happen to him and that he needs help. But if I want to know what happened I need to find a way to talk to my son…

Talking to my son is great advice but the problem is I have enough trouble keeping him sober long enough to talk.

I’ve got to witness a boy about to turn 16, who if he actually comes out of his room it will likely be to disappear to get high. A kid once very involved in hockey, football and oh ya.. volunteering at a popular lunch program. A creative and artistic mind turned into a rage that makes the hair on my neck stand. The crown, dsd, and sjpd have withheld information that has directly effected my ability to take care of my child.

The pending civil case will open wounds of course but there is no choice. Questions will be answered one way or another. No amount of compensation will right this wrong, in fact, a financial settlement would in all likelihood destory what little I have left of my son. These kids need closure and families need answers. Handing out a prison sentence is too little too late. I owe it to my son and each one of these children to not let this go. My son deserves someone to stand up for him and say a prison sentence is great but why wasn’t this addressed in 2007? 3 years before my son even met that bastard. How is it possible that my son was abused while snook was under police surveillance in 2012? 5 years after the initial complaint. Was your case that important that you allowed this to happen right in front of you, as you watched from a distance? They watched as a pedophile walked my 15yrs old son into his house and did nothing to stop it.

Parents I urge you to follow your gut. Talk to your children, protect them because the people entrusted to do so aren’t.

To the other victims families, stay strong. The hand our children have been dealt has almost played out. It is up to them now which path to take. Above all if you have not already please seek the advice of a lawyer, they will put you in touch with the group that is preparing a response. Just listen to what they have to say. Most have already.

The system let us down. It is flawed and administered by cowards who hide behind their policies. My contempt for those involved is overwhelming. Change WILL come.

The people of Saint John will soon know much more about what really happened, I am hoping now that sentence is passed we will hear more of a response from city hall. My son was offered 20 sessions with a counselor and $1000

Apparently this will help him.


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