Saint John faces lawsuit involving child sex abuse allegations against Ken Estabrooks


 Alison ClementsSep 27, 2013 06:59:36 AM

    • John McKiggan

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – A Halifax lawyer is in the process of drafting a class action lawsuit against the city of Saint John on behalf of a number of alleged victims of Ken Estabrooks.

The former Saint John police officer was convicted in 1999 of sexually abusing four young victims.

Estabrooks died in 2005.

Dozens more have come forward since a new investigation into the matter was launched last year.

John McKiggan tells the Rick Howe Show financial compensation is not what motivated the victims to contact his firm.

“Not a single one of them as mentioned that as a reason that they had contacted me. There’s no amount of money that will change what happened to these kids. Are they entitled? Sure. Will it change what happened to them? No.”

McKiggan says the lawsuit will be filed soon.


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